Mini DI Box

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The mini DI-Box with clip can be attached to the belt or instrument strap.
Thus the unbalanced signal path is very short which minimizes interferences to the instrument signal.
The signal is balanced electronically.
An LED indicates whether the required phantom power is on.
The ground of the input and output signal is capacitively uncoupled which prevents ground loops.
The Mini DI-Box has a switchable input impedance which enables balancing of high-ohm input signals without loss.
This basic tool for balancing all instrument signals should be in every toolbox.

  • Compact and robust aluminum casing with stainless steel clip
  • Top-quality Neutrik input and output sockets
  • Electronic balancing (phantom power 48V required)
  • LED display for phantom power
  • Switchable input impedance 15kOhms / 120kOhm
  • Input signals ranging from -40dB to +12dB
  • 0 dB transmission loss with an impedance of the microphone input from the mixing console of 4.5kOhms, with high
  • input impedance the transmission loss is-10dB

Developed and manufactured in Germany

Speaker Checker

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  • Specifications

Easy and fast check of loudspeaker and sound systems without assembling effort. For testing a speaker box, you just need the Speaker Checker and a cable. The optimum tool for the sound engineer.


  • 1W output power (max.)
  • sweepable sinus frequency 90Hz - 9kHz
  • power supply with 9V block battery/rechargeable battery
  • switchable balanced or unbalanced XLR output
  • Speakon, XLR output connectors
  • aluminum casing
  • stainless steel clip


  • Dimensions L x W x H : 127 x 82 x 30mm
  • Weight: approx. 250g
  • Output socket: XLR male 3-pole, Speakon 4-pole
  • Output signal sine-wave, adjustable frequency range: 90Hz – 9kHz +/-5% min.
  • Impedance at the output: 4ohms
  • Max. output power: 1W into 4/8ohms
  • Max. operating current: approx. 390mA into 4ohms/1W, approx. 280mA into 8ohms/1W, stand-by current when switched on: approx. 30mA
  • Power supply:  9V block alkaline battery or 8.4V rechargeable battery NiMH

Developed and manufactured in Germany